About Us

Premier Stretcher Bars was founded by Steven Huyser-Honig. Steve is a successful landscape and nature photographer and something of an art-trepreneur. He was an early adopter of the fine art giclée printing technology first developed by Epson. Giclèe printing gave Steve a creative tool that enabled him to print color photographs with a level of control and archival quality previously unavailable.

After a few years of investing in equipment and developing expertise, Steve realized that he could use these resources to print for other artist and photographers as well as himself. And so Steve launched Grand River Giclèe. For over 10 years Steve has been providing artists the highest quality giclée prints available at prices they can afford.

Early on Steve depended on a trusted supplier for the stretcher bars he needed for his canvas prints. When that supplier went out of business he could not find a source for top quality stretcher bars at affordable prices. And so once again, he invested in the equipment and developed the expertise to make his own.

Steve decided to launch Premier Stretcher Bars with the goal of using the finest materials available to provide artists with easily assembled stretcher frames that far exceed the standards of mass produced stretcher bars at prices they can afford.

Steven Huyser-Honig
Steven Huyser-Honig